Cristen Velliky


My own creative work has been divided between the practices of curating (and jurying), research and the creation of new artwork. My work methods are cyclical and the creative process takes many months for me to realize a single piece. Due to the scale of my work, as well as the range of materials and techniques employed, it typically takes between 3 to 6 months to plan and create the components necessary to construct one sculpture. My working processes are methodical, having a sequence of events that builds upon one another until the final assembly is complete. In each full-scale artwork many processes are employed; these could include the creation of computer-aided designs to laser-cut panels and pieces, techniques of welding and forging of metalwork, woodworking techniques for structural and decorative elements, porcelain and glass casting and traditional hand-building and throwing techniques for ceramic pieces. I love to work with all three-dimensional materials.